Chemical fabrics and film offer exceptional performance characteristics in finished products from upholstery to geomembranes and from pool liners to transportation interiors. A few examples:


Chemical fabrics and film can stand up to abrasion, tough stains, exposure to sunlight and daily wear and tear, while still performing consistently. This quality makes them particularly well suited to healthcare environments, where ease of cleaning and sterilization are critical.


Chemical fabrics and film can be manufactured in virtually any thickness, any texture, any pattern and in almost any color of the rainbow. The versatility of the manufacturing processes allows chemical fabric and film products to simulate high-quality leather for upholstery, creating innovative textures and patterns, or provide clear material for IV bags that is crucial for monitoring.

Lasting value.

Chemical fabrics and film are often the cost-effective product choice as well. When compared to materials like leather or natural fabrics, chemical fabrics and film are not only typically lower in initial cost, but they’re also lower in lifecycle cost due to their durability and low maintenance requirements. The end result is a product that provides lasting value.

Want to know more?

You can explore and download from this site available CFFA standards, technical information and other literature relating to the use of these products.