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Vinyl liners for in-ground swimming pools are designed to meet the unique needs of each homeowner. Vinyl pools are extremely customizable and offer a seemingly infinite selection of shapes, sizes, colors, and depths, greatly expanding pool design options. Construction and installation time of vinyl pools are also faster than other pool types. For the homeowner, this means the first swim can happen quicker. The smooth, non-abrasive surfaces of vinyl pool liners offer the most comfortable feel of all types of in-ground pools, all while offering long-lasting, low maintenance protection. For these reasons, homeowners are quickly discovering that vinyl pools are an attractive, popular, and highly cost-effective solution.

CFFA-P-101 Certification

The Chemical Fabrics and Film Association offers a self-certification program for manufacturers of vinyl film used for in-ground pool liners that meets CFFA's Recommended Minimum Performance Standards for Vinyl Swimming Pool Liners - In-Ground (CFFA-P-101). The CFFA-P-101 certification mark will help the industry identify vinyl material that meets strict performance standards. Products certified to CFFA-P-101 must pass a series of test methods within CFFA-P-101 that have been identified as important and relevant for the performance of in-ground vinyl swimming pool liners that are 20 mil or greater.

An overview of the cerification program can be found here.

Frequently asked questions on the program can be found here.

The following companies participate in the CFFA-P-101 Certification Program. Click on each company logo to view each company's list of certified vinyl swimming pool liners.


CERTIFYING PRODUCTS: Manufacturers of continuous web chemical coated film for vinyl pool liners may self-certify products and license the certification mark to identify certified products. Products must be tested by an accredited laboratory and meet the CFFA-P-101 standard. Self-certification requires a licensing fee.

  • The procedural guidelines, including use of the mark, and licensing fees for self-certification can be found here.
  • The form to submit for self-certifying products can be found here.
  • The license agreement for self-certification may be found here.

LICENSING AND UTILIZING THE MARK: Fabricators and distributors may become a sponsor of the CFFA-P-101 Certification Program to support CFFA's marketing program to promote the benefits of vinyl pool liners. A sponsor may also use the Certification Mark when promoting previously certified products on their own marketing materials and website once a royalty-free License Agreement is signed.

  • The Fabricator Sponsorship Form can be found here.
  • The license agreement for using the mark for all previously certified products may be found here.
  • Further information on utilizing the mark once the license agreement is signed can be found here.

The following companies are sponsors of the CFFA-P-101 Certification Program:


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